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Technology Equipped Spaces

Each of the classrooms at Spelman College has been set up to serve the diverse and technologically evolving needs of our students, faculty, staff and curriculum. To best accommodate these needs, the classrooms have been assigned designations to identify the ways in which teaching and learning may be best paired with available technology.


Faculty, Staff


The following codes are associated with each class listed in the schedule alongside the classroom number and building.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC)
Classrooms that have a dedicated computer and a connection for a laptop, video projection or any combination thereof.  These rooms have basic to advanced control capabilities.

Technology Research Lab (TRL)
Designed to support the research needs of science laboratories where traditional science equipment is available and used in conjunction with media and computer technology to support the gathering and presentation of materials.

Active Learning Space - (ALS)
Classrooms specifically equipped and configured to provide learning in both individual and collaborative settings. Active Learning Spaces may have moveable workstations, connectivity for multiple devices, and presentation media.

Web Conferencing Classroom - (WCC)
Learning spaces where web cameras are used to extend the classroom experience beyond the walls of the campus through web conferencing. Facilities are set up to encourage collaboration among our students and between our campus and outside campus resources.

Technology Conference Spaces (TCS)
Technology Conference Spaces have a dedicated computer and a connection for a laptop, video projection or any combination thereof.

Enhanced Meeting Spaces (EMS)
Large meeting spaces are equipped with video projection, enhanced audio and laptop connectivity.  These spaces are designed to accommodate large numbers of participants.


Classrooms are assigned by the Registrar. Most other spaces can be reserved using the Lotus Notes Calendar or the Facilities Reservation application from the Lotus Notes dashboard.