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Portal Development

MySpelman is your personalized one-stop access to campus applications, news, events, HR documents, departmental pages, STS Service Catalog and more. 


Faculty, Staff, Students


  • Personalized Content

    For Students - Quick access to Banner, Gmail, Moodle, SpelFolio and more. Check your email, select and view courses, access your course schedule, term grades, and receive important alerts from various college departments. See headlines from campus news such as Blueprint and much more.

    For Faculty & Staff -  Quick access to Banner, Lotus Notes, Moodle, Human Resources and more.  View your paycheck and benefits, change your home mailing address or campus phone number, view current campus events, access HR forms and documents, etc.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    mySpelman provides SSO capability to a growing list of enterprise college applications and services, allowing you to enter your username and password only once instead of multiple times.

  • User Customization

    Subscribe to new content items, set primary location for location-aware content, customize screen layout by rearranging (drag & drop) content items, add new tabs, change the background skins.  You can also set your Primary Location so that location-aware content can be tailored accordingly.

  • Mobile Access

    A mobile-friendly theme and skin are available and optimized for smart phones. You are always free to switch between Mobile View and Full View from your mobile device.

  • Build Departmental/Organization Community (submit a request to start building your community on the portal)

Departments and organizations can increase campus visibility through the portal with the following features:

  • Create dynamic groups to easily distribute information

  • Utilize message boards to keep your group engages

  • Post multiple file types including PDFs and images for review, forms, and more.