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Other STS Services

Maintenance Windows

STS observes the third weekend of each month for system maintenance and outages, unless otherwise noted.


ID Cards

ID Photo Link

Students/New Faculty:

Use the link above to submit a photo. Once approved, ID will be printed and placed in mail box. They will get an email when it’s ready.

Replacement ID

The cost for replacement ID is $15. Process is to:

  • Email the cashier, Rashann Evans, at rashaan.evans

  • You will receive a charge on your student account and can make the payment online.

  • The cashier will send verification of payment to Engagement Media Services

  • Engagement Media Services will print the ID and email the student when it’s ready

  • Student is to reply to email to send PO Box #

  • ID will be taken to Mail Center to be placed in student’s box

Please note that if you’re an off campus student, your ID will be mailed to the permanent address listed with the college by the Office of Student Affairs.


Passport Photos

Passport Photos can be taken by Enterprise Media Services in Cosby LL1, from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  The fee for Passport Photos is $5.00 for two photos. Please have correct change. Once a photo is taken, please allow 3-4 hours for processing.