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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is extra security verification is also known as two-factor verification. It consists of a combination of your username, password, and a mobile device or phone.

Two-factor verification is more secure than just a password because it relies on two forms of authentication:

  • Something you know, like your password.

  • Something you have, like a phone or other device that you carry.

Two-factor verification can help stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you. Even if they have your password, the odds are that they don't have your device, too.

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  1. Is there any documentation?
    User help documentation 

  2. Do I have to use the app?
    No. You are able to select another method 

  3. I lost my phone or have a new phone/number?  
    Add or Change your number



Faculty, Staff, Students


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