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FAQ - Student Accounts

Have questions regarding your student account?  You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. If you still have questions and need to speak to a Student Accounts Coordinator, please feel free to contact us via email at studentaccounts@spelman.edu or via our phone at (404) 270-5178.

You may visit https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp
  1. Enter Your Spelman ID#
  2. Enter your PIN and enter to continue
  3. Click on view account activity to review your account in detail.
Students who haven’t paid 50% of the total semester balance due by the payment deadline or prior to the first day of classes will be withdrawn from all classes. Three things can protect you from the purge.
  • A completed financial aid file showing eligibility and acceptance of authorized financial aid.
  • Enrollment in the 10-month annual payment plan and payment of 50% of the balance due for the semester. (Additional plan fee will apply.)
  • Full payment of all charges or third-party scholarship agreement on file. (Student must provide Student Accounts with the required scholarship documentation.)

If you have a balance due and do not have one of the items listed, then your classes will be dropped (“purged”). Missing even the smallest step could leave your Financial Aid file incomplete, so do not assume you are safe from the purge. Please ensure that you have completed all pertinent financial aid documents to avoid your classes being dropped.

We cannot accept payments over the phone; however, you can pay by eCheck, credit card, or mail a check. You may also make a payment online following the instructions below.
Your payment can be mailed to: Spelman College

Cashier’s Office – Box 1705 350 Spelman Lane, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314-4399

Semester bills are processed electronically. You will receive an email notification prompting you to login and review your bill online.
You may make payments either in person at the Cashier’s Office, located on campus on the 2nd floor of Packard Hall or you may make a payment online using the following instructions. Online Payment Instructions You may make a payment free of charge here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp
  1. Enter your Spelman College student ID number, which begins with 900.
  2. Enter your six digit Personal identification number (PIN).
  3. Click on the “Make a Payment” tab.
There is no charge for payments made using our online payment system.
You may contact the MIT helpdesk to reset your PIN at (404) 270-5400, choose Option 1.
The Office of Student Accounts office hours are from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Mondays through Fridays. The Cashier’s Office is open from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.
Only students who have paid their total tuition, fees, and room and board in full and have a credit balance (or projected credit balance) on their accounts are eligible to receive a book voucher. A notification will be sent out in advance announcing the date when book vouchers will be available. Book vouchers will be issued electronically to the book store with the full amount of your book allowance. Simply go to the bookstore, select your books and check out using your Spelman ID.
  • Students must be registered for 12 or more credit hours.
  • If the student is eligible, the maximum amount is $800.
  • Pauline E. Drakes Scholars, or students who are required to register for less than 12 hours, may come to the student accounts office to request a book voucher.
Unused book vouchers will be returned to the student’s account prior to the first refund schedule.
Student fees are mandatory for all students registered at least 6 credits hours. Please see this link to review the fees in detail or refer to the Schedule of Fees brochure: http://www.spelman.edu/admissions/financial-aid/basic-fees
This fee is automatically charged to your account if the total costs for the semester are not paid before the first day of class.
Please contact the Office of Financial aid at 404-270-5212.
First-year students are mailed a paper award letter via US postal mail. Returning students may check Banner Web to access their Financial Aid Award Letters. You may log on using the following link: https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp
You may have missing documents or you may not have met the federal requirements for satisfactory academic progress.
The student needs to login to the payment center in order to access their account information. Please click here to access: https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp. The student will be asked to select an authorized user and enter the required information. This will create a separate login so that you can view the information on the student’s account.
An overpayment on your account greater than your semester charges will result in a credit balance, (i.e., -$350.00), which will be refunded to either you or your parent, according to the selections made on the initial loan application. Refunds are processed and disbursed within 14 days of receipt of financial aid. The disbursement of student refunds is based on timing of financial aid disbursement.
You may, check the status of your account online using the following link: https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp
Your refund amount will be determined by the amount of financial aid received and your total outstanding balance (tuition, fees, and room and board). The amount of your refund will be the balance that remains after these fees are charged. You may check your student account online to review the amount of your anticipated refund.  (See illustration below to determine refund amount.) Tuition                              $11,813.00 Student fees                          1,844.00 Room & Board                     6,397.50 Total Semester Charges $20,054.50 Total Financial Aid      $21,054.50 Pending Refund   $ -1,000.00
  1. Go to https://secure.touchnet.com/C22097_tsa/web/login.jsp
  2. Login using your 900# and PIN#.
  3. Click on the “eRefund” tab.

Complete your profile to have your student refund deposited in your checking or savings account. Make sure your routing and account numbers are correct. Please allow up to 5 days for account verification.

Your bank account number on file may be invalid or inactive. Contact Student Accounts to provide updated banking or mailing instructions in order to receive your check.
Parents who wish to have their PLUS loan credit issued to their student/dependent must indicate their preferences on the Parent plus loan application. No changes will be made after the initial selections are made on the original loan application.
Yes. Students who wish to pay their semester or annual charges may do so using the college payment plans available. Please visit our website to review plan details. The links below are for the 3-month and 10-month plans respectively. 3-Month Semester Plan http://www.spelman.edu/admissions/financial-aid/3-month-semester-plan 10-Month Semester Plan http://www.spelman.edu/admissions/financial-aid/10-month-annual-payment-plan
There is a $200 deferred payment plan fee for the 3-month semester plan; and $500 fee for the 10-month annual plan.
Yes, for the 10-month annual plan only. You must set up this option at the time of enrollment.
You may visit this link to learn more about Student health insurance. http://www.spelman.edu/student- life/health-and-wellness/health-services/health-insurance-plan
Students with comparable proof of insurance coverage may waive the Spelman College Student Health Insurance Plan. Once the waiver is approved and our office is notified your health insurance charge will be waived. There will be an initial charge made to your account; however, this charge will be removed once the waiver process is complete.
You should contact the Dean of Undergraduate Studies at (404) 270-5696 or visit the Dean’s office located in the Rockefeller Hall, 1st floor. Non-attendance in classes does not constitute withdrawal, and you will still be responsible for any charges incurred.
It may affect your student account depending on how much of the semester you have completed. A student who withdraws or takes a leave of absence from the College within the first 60% of the semester will receive an adjustment to her account. For more details please reference the schedule of fees brochure. You may also contact us at (404) 270-5178.
Since semester dates vary slightly, you would need to contact us at (404) 270-5178 to find out the deadline for adjustments during the semester.