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AV Equipment

Engagement Media Services provides audio visual support for academic work, extra-curricular activities and all major and special events on and off campus.
Please note that some requested services may incur charges.  Some services that these charges may apply are:  audio visual rentals, productions, after hours staff services, etc.  Fee schedules are available from Engagement Media Services for reimbursable costs.
The three keys to a great event are: 
  1. Planning. Layout the details for your event.
  2. Implementation. Make all the proper requests (service, wireless, etc.) and get approval.
  3. Execution. Set up.



Faculty, Staff and Students. Students must have a faculty or staff advisor to obtain services.

Equipment Available

The following equipment is available for your Special Event:

Projectors Audio Equipment Video Equipment
Carousel Tray Lecturnette with PA Digital Camcorder
Extension Cord Microphone Document Camera
Overhead Microphone Cable DVD/VHS Player
Projection Screen Microphone Desktop Stand DVD/VHS TV Combo 
Slide Projector MIcrophone Stand Laptop
Video Projector Portable P.A. System NOMAD Media Cart
    VHS Camcorder
    VHS/TV Combo


Equipment requests must be submitted within 7 days of the event. Pick up of equipment must be made before 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Delivery of Large Items: If you would like large items (i.e., nomad, television) delivered, you must call Facilities Management Services (FMS) 24 hours before the event (404.270.5440) to arange and confirm pickup/delivery time to your location. FMS cannot pick up laptops, video projectors, camcorders or any other small items. This must be picked up by the faculty or staff member

Due to liability, students are not allowed to submit a request nor pick up or transport equipment.