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Assessment Tools


Faculty, Staff and Students


SpElFolio is the College's Electronic Portfolio Project, develops students’ ability to think critically about the connections among their intellectual, professional, and personal lives. Each student creates a dynamic web-based composition representing her diverse goals, achievements, and reflections. In this way, students construct and demonstrate their development as lifelong learners. SpEl.Folios enable assessment on multiple levels: self-assessment by students, course and major-based assessment, and institutional assessment of designated learning objectives.

Respondus is used to create and manage exams/quizzes offline for SpeleLearn (Moodle) either by formatting a Word document with your questions and an answer key or by creating the exam inside of the Respondus 4.0 software. This tool makes managing the development and deployment easier for both print and online.

Qualtrics is a web-based survey software tool.  Qualtrics can be used to capture survey results from a publicly-available survey, or from users who are specifically given access to a survey.  
   Qualtics may be used to:

  •    Assist faculty, staff, and students with collecting data for research project or assignments
  •    Assess user satisfaction with academic or administrative programs or services
  •    Collect requests for service or assistance in place of a traditional HTML form   

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system. The system compares submitted papers with a database of published works.  Spelman has licensed Turnitin to help students avoid plagiarism and improper citation. The software encourages original writing and proper citation practices.

i>Clicker Audience Response System
i>Clickers provide an interactive interface for instructors to present with anything, using a floating toolbar, to view their participant list, and send images of question to student devices, that when used in the classroom, can provide real-time, formative assessment.