Leverage Technology to Work Anywhere

Tools and Resources to help you teach, learn and work remotely.




We have provided you with an opportunity to develop familiarity with the new format and tools.


Remote Learning Support



This resource outlines tools that can be used to connect with students remotely and deliver course materials.


Remote Instruction Support



This resource is designed to assist Spelman employees who are working remotely and would like recommendations on IT services to use.


Remote Working Support

We’re Working to Make Sure You Can Too

As the Spelman community embraces a new phase, Spelman Technology Services remains unwavering in its commitment to assist you, regardless of location. Our dedicated team is here to provide seamless support, just as we have been. Whether it's remote work guidance or specific technical assistance you require, our Remote Support pages are at your disposal. Furthermore, we're excited to introduce our new chat feature, offering swift and direct communication to cater to your needs effectively. Let's continue our journey together, ensuring success in all our Spelman endeavors.

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